What we do, we do with passionAnd that is quality that is certified

Apparatebau Nordhausen is your strong partner for professional brewhouse construction, container, silo and tank construction, and supplies and installs brewery plants worldwide that meet the highest demands.

We manufacture approx. 50 tanks per year for the highly sensitive pharmaceutical industry and are an A-supplier for globally active plant manufacturers in the food sector.

We manufacture and supply fully automatically controlled breweries and other components all over the world and are manufacturers of main components for the malting industry.

We process high-alloy stainless steels and have approvals for the European and American markets for pressure equipment.

We weld with the most modern welding processes (plasma taphole, TIG) on mechanical welding machines and carousel welding machines, we grind fully automatically and carry out all designs in 3D with the most modern programs.

This year we are again certified according to ISO9001 TÜV – a guarantee for our competence and the process-oriented approach in product planning and production as well as the system-oriented approach in management, sales and assembly.

As a management buy-out company, Apparatebau Nordhausen has developed considerably since 1990.

Brewing and melter technology

Complete log houses in sizes from 10 hl to 650 hl. Up to 20 hours also in classic copper version.

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Sterile technology

We build for you osmosis plants, autoclaves and plants that meet the high requirements of pharmaceutical production.

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Research & Assembly

The complete brewer control system from Nordhausen appliances: from the malting to the filtered beer in the pressure tank.

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Container construction

We build for you osmosis plants, autoclaves and plants that meet the high requirements of pharmaceutical production.

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And to be honest - we often think of only one thing:AND THIS IS BEER - since 1835

With our engineering staff in project management, automation and design, we are able to cope with even the most difficult requirements and detailed solutions with a high demand for innovation and to present tailor-made solutions.

Brewhouse technology up to 650 hl/brew and complete breweries of the corresponding size are planned, manufactured and realised in our company.

In particular, our modern solutions in refining technology and wort boiling as well as our special control program for brewery automation guarantee efficient beer production with the highest quality characteristics.

We do not need more strength, more talent or more opportunity. What we need is the will to use what we own.- Basil S. Walsh