Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbHOver 175 years of brewery plant tradition

There are only a few medium-sized companies in Nordhausen, which can refer to a 175-year operating tradition.

One of the small circle of these companies is also the Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH. The customer orientation, the entrepreneurial vision, the reliability and the high professional competence is due to the fact that the company has developed into the fourth largest brewery plant in Germany in recent years.
The roots of the company lie in the small Upper Silesian town of Grottkau and date back to 1830.


Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH from the Bochumer Straße, 2007, photo: Hellberg


  • 1919

    The company takes the company name "Weigelwerk Aktiengesellschaft"

  • 1914

    Conversion of the company into an AG

  • 1900

    Conversion of the company into an AG

  • 1893

    Transfer of the company to Neisse -Neuland

  • 1886

    The first order for the construction of a brewing house from 2 Brakesseln for a smaller country brewery in the Silesian town of Friediand,

  • 1870

    Relocation of the company to Neisse -Freidrichstadt

  • 1856

    Transfer of the company to Neisse in the Zollstraße 38. Change of name in "Metaliwarenfabrik von F. Weigel"

  • 1830

    Founder Ferdinand Weigel founds a small copper smithy in Grottau, which soon developed into a small engineering workshop.

The Neisser Weigelwerk AG

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