When we look back on more than 185 years of history,Until now it was only about beer

At that time, our company, Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH, was founded under the name Weigelwerk. To this day, our company has developed into a highly modern company with more than 80 employees.

The knowledge accumulated over more than 185 years and the experience of countless realized plants are available to our clientele.

Otherwise, we have changed a lot:We are now certified pharmaceutical tank manufacturers

There are only a few medium-sized companies in Nordhausen, which can refer to a 175-year operating tradition.

One of the small circle of these companies is also the Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH. The customer orientation, the entrepreneurial vision, the reliability and the high professional competence is due to the fact that the company has developed into the fourth largest brewery plant in Germany in recent years.

The best way to find out if something is worthwhile is to make something, it is often that you make it, distribute it, and then, after a few years, see if the effort has paid off.- Edwin Land